When you’re drawing up your budgetary plans for your wedding, you might be tempted to skimp on what you spend on your videographer. After all, you figure, couldn’t uncle Bob do it? After all, he’s got a reputation as quite the videographer in the family and he’s certainly bored everyone to death talking about movie making and how good his recording equipment is! Well, heres some news. You really do need to find a professional wedding videographer. Lets look at the reasons why.

Video Technology

The reason most of us believe that making good movies is an easy thing thing is that today’s digital cameras are perfectly capable of taking first-class professional-quality footage under certain favorable conditions. This never used to be the way when everyone was restricted to an old 8mm cine cameras or super 8 video.

However, the problem is that at a wedding, the lighting is always far from perfect. There is the lighting in the church to think about, there is (hopefully) sunlight, there are candles, there are bright, white garments and there are all the shadows of the interiors of the church. Unfortunately,  even the best-equipped digital video cameras can’t do a whole lot in these circumstances without an expert videographer at the controls.

Of course you don’t have to find a wedding videographer if uncle Bob knows all about lighting and knows when the perfect shot is about to happen because of his vast experience but, lets face it.  that usually isn’t the case. A professional wedding videographer needs to be part of the scenery – in other words he (or she!) needs to be unobtrusive. That’s how the videographer can manage to capture great shots as and when they happen.

To find a wedding videographer who’s truly professional, you need someone who already has a portfolio. That’s how you get to know what kind of style they have. These days, just relying on a friend’s recommendation simply will not do. Why? Well, because people happen to have different tastes ranging from traditional to the ultra-contemporary.

Most pro wedding videographers will offer you a choice of different packages. Each package will include a different kind of setup for the bride’s family and the groom’s family, close in shots for some of the more important relatives, and a few outdoor shots at the wedding venue and the reception and so on. Be sure to make a note of what each videographer you come across charges for the kind of package you need, and make sure that your package includes the raw and processed digital files – preferably via a cloud-based internet service.

What you’re looking for in a wedding videographer is more than just professionalism …


So there you are, two months away from the big day, and you are at the printer’s (our guys are, incidentally) to pick out the perfect wedding invitation. Which happens to be not as easy as he thought, as they have far too many perfect wedding invitation styles laid out before you to choose from. It almost seems as if you can’t make your mind up.

The thing is, people don’t realize that wedding invitation styles aren’t just about what seems to look nice printed on those cards. The style is supposed to give you some kind of inkling as to what you can expect the wedding to be like.

Certainly, a wedding invitation is supposed to lay some definite pieces of information out about when the wedding is, where it is to be, the names of the people it is to take place among and so on. But the people who receive invitations will also read between the lines – to see what kind of wedding it’s likely to be. It’s their first taste of the wedding. You want it to be pretty good.

This actually makes it easier for you to choose the wedding invitation styles that are presented to you. You just have to choose something that represents the style you’ve planned your wedding in.

For instance, if your wedding is to be a modern or contemporary affair, you’ll have a lot of freedom picking colors and styles to play around with. You can have a lot of fun with crazy envelope styles, cartoon or even movie characters. If it’s to be a classic or traditional wedding though, a mellower wedding invitation styles might go better.

Cotton paper that’s cream colored would probably look best. The lettering should probably be done in the gray, silver or a classic black. Some people feel that pure white stationery is the best way to go. Sometimes, paneled stationery can communicate a feeling of class and timelessness.

Brides tend to forget when they choose among the wedding invitation styles, that there is another kind card they need to think about – the RSVP card and perhaps the thank you card. If you ordered all of them at once, you’d save a lot, probably. It’ll probably qualify for some kind of a bulk order rate. Not to mention, you can easily order to have all of them in the same look and style. Some people even order their wedding place holders right then).…